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Hey, my name is Emily james You were reading and exploring a piece of my write up about fabrics and textile. For the past 4 years, I have been into content writing and creating different kinds of content for different sectors. I've been engaging with Fabriclore, an Indian fabric business, for the past two years. My personal interest in textile and different kinds of material attracted me towards the industry. Apart from writing, I love to explore new fashion trends by experimenting with new fabrics and materials. I usually prefer to wear cotton, linen fabric dress for day to day wear but for special occasion crepe and silk is top of my favourite. This gives me a sense of self awareness about various things like how to wear, what looks best on me and what I should avoid to wear. Further, it guides me during my writing. This offers me new ideas about what to write from scratch. When I feel exhausted or wanna take a break from my usual work, I love to watch movies and shows.